Cycle Time Management | Maximize Productivity with Lean
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Maximize Productivity with Lean

Determine Opportunities and Seize

When Cycle Time Management’s Program Directors come to your company to custom-tailor your Learning Cycles Supervisor program, they will quickly zero in on the key issues. They will determine where you are at, what the barriers are, and then develop the appropriate workshop lessons and approach.

Henderson Recreation Equipment

A Success Story

The story of Henderson Recreation Equipment began over 40 years ago in small-town Ontario, Canada. Gordon Henderson, company patriarch, was a new father to the first of his three boys. His days were spent hard at work as plant manager for the Paris Playgrounds, while his nights were spent dreaming of a playground business of his own. In 1971 Henderson’s dream was realized when he began building playground equipment in the big green workshop behind his family home in Oakland, Ontario. Business started out small, producing park amenities and select play items that were uniquely his own—products like Henderson Teeters, Panda Bear Swings and Woodchuck Burrows that recognized the importance of creativity and novelty in children’s playground equipment. By the late 1970s, business was booming and a larger facility was essential to continuing their work. As they continued to grow, Henderson Recreation Equipment learned about the importance of lean. They requested CTM’s assistance to optimize production and warehouse operations via lean techniques, focus on value added activities, maximize profitability and expand its market penetration, especially in the United States.

Henderson Recreation Equipment requested CTM’s assistance to optimize production and warehouse operations via lean techniques

At the time, the company represented a conventional manufacturing structure where components were produced in a repetitive process. Operations consisted of a single shift that was seasonal in nature. The number of employees varied between a low of 40 and a high of 70. We conducted a thorough business assessment to determine all areas in which Henderson could improve, which is outlined in detail in this case study. CTM’s Lean Assessment approach of key employee interviews, financial review, facility visit and a lean manufacturing evaluation to determining lean implementation requirements has been very effective for our customers.

CTM’s Lean Assessment approach of key employee interviews, financial review, facility visit and a lean manufacturing evaluation to determining lean implementation requirements has been very effective

Once lean techniques were implemented, Henderson experienced an outstanding growth in productivity, profitability and market share. Today, Henderson Recreation Equipment is a leader in its industry, serving a large share of the Canadian and US markets.

Learn more by reading through the entire case study

Lean Generates Numerous Benefits

These benefits can be categorized in 4 groups

Financial Benefits

  • Enables cost avoidance
  • Lowers cost of production and servicing
  • Enables faster return on investments
  • Increases cash flow
  • Increases profitability of products/services
  • Increases revenue of existing sources

Organizational Benefits

  • Improves the ability to serve customers
  • Builds organization’s reputation
  • Creates new customer opportunities
  • Fosters vision and mission
  • Improves employee morale and creativity

Operational Benefits

  • Decrease employee work loads for undesirable work
  • Eliminates non-value added activites
  • Improves internal communication between departments and groups
  • Imporves use of workspace
  • Increases employee and process productivity
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Reduces external inputs to processes
  • Reduces person-hours and process steps
  • Simplifies processes and workflow steps

Information Technology Benefits

  • Decreases maintenance/support costs
  • Improves application/system performance and system utilization rate
  • Increases effciency of support activities
  • Maintains intellectual property investment
  • Preserves value of technology
  • Reduces application/system variation (increases reliability)
  • Reduces paper documentation requirements
  • Strengthens application/system security
  • Enables IT to meet customer expectations for service levels and cost reduction

Many firms have experienced continuous improvement.

Find your firm’s potential today!

Proven Experience

CTM was incorporated in 1986 and has delivered high quality services to numerous organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Read our clients' success stories.

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Industry Leader

CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Framework) that allows an organization to create an environment and a means for change. Change that permeates the entire company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

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Optimize Efficiency

Moving from reactive to proactive thinking in the work place. Having the employees understand the importance, scope and techniques involved allowed many clients to move forward at greatly accelerated rates.

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Minimize Costs

CTM focuses on five key issues: identifying waste, cellular production, scheduling, production line processes, and production line support. Our process helps firms eliminate all inefficiencies and thrive.

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The right training is critical for successful lean performance. CTM will make sure your Lean Training works. See all the services that CTM's Lean Framework offers!

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Increase Profits

CTM's Lean Framework sets out clear-cut objectives that can be achieved through an ongoing process of cycle time reduction and continuous improvement. This process has had tremendous results consistently.

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