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CTM has been Educating Businesses since the 1980s

Cycle Time Management has been educating companies since the 80s. Our people believe in building a lasting process, not delivering a series of programs, and their time and talent is focused on this singular goal. Over the years, we have developed a wealth of training resources to empower each of our clients in developing a continuous improvement culture.

A Wealth of Experience

CTM has worked with Numerous Businesses
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Initially, CTM was primarily an educational organization doing a great deal of “missionary” work in the field of (Just In Time Manufacturing) now called Lean Enterprise a powerful, productivity improvement concept that, in 1986, was ahead of its time. Today, CTM is a mid-sized firm, with our head office located in Kitchener, Ontario. Our clients include both American and Canadian companies, large and small, in a wide variety of business sectors. CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Framework) that allows an organization, on a step-by-step basis, to create an environment and a means for change. Change that produces significant results in productivity improvement, employee empowerment and continuous quality improvement. Change that permeates the entire company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Framework) that allows an organization, on a step-by-step basis, to create an environment and a means for change. Change that permeates the entire company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

Often, we are categorized as “consultants”, and we certainly compete against many different types of consulting firms; however, we are not consultants. We are educators and facilitators – and both roles are quite different from “consultants” and “trainers”. Our people believe in building a lasting process, not delivering a series of programs, and their time and talent is focused on this singular goal. We know that if our clients’ organizations are to compete in the years ahead they do not need “consultants” or programs; they need a totally integrated, internal process that improves productivity, quality, flexibility and the company’s ability to change faster than the rate of change itself – and the management of that change is based on the Toyota Production System. The expertise and services we provide for our clients cannot be consulted into their organization. They can only be learned, and
then facilitated into the organization. The objective is a total transfer of our knowledge and methodology and the integration of it with the knowledge and expertise within the clients’ organizations. In the end, the clients’ organizations have an independently operating and selfperpetuating process for change.

The objective is a total transfer of our knowledge and methodology and the integration of it with the knowledge and expertise within the clients’ organizations.

The objective is a total transfer of our knowledge and methodology and the integration of it with the knowledge and expertise within the clients’ organizations. In the end, the clients’ organizations have an independently operating and self-perpetuating process for change.

Training Material

CTM has Developed Powerful Resources
CTM Book

Written by the developers of Cycle Time Management ® (CTM), this book provides the means to measure productivity in terms of time instead of revenue or people.

In House Train-the-Trainer Workshops

These subjects are of an intense nature and are directed at the shop floor level. Therefore, they are carried out on-site and are conducted in class and on the shop floor. We believe in using the clients working environment when training trainers on these subjects. These workshops can be more customized to suit customer needs. We can insert actual client examples and customize the student and trainer manuals to suit a client.

Generic Train-the-Trainer Workshops

This class is highly interactive and practical in nature. Working with a training need identified from your work place, you will design, develop and deliver a training session to the other participants. Your training session will be videotaped to provide you with immediate feedback on your progress.

Public Train-the-Trainer Workshops

These workshops are delivered at a hotel site. Classes are 3-4 days and students are certified upon completion. This entitles them to train others within their company. These workshops are supported with manuals, video and CD -ROM.

Simulation Game

The CTM Simulation Game is a powerful catalyst to better understanding. It is a dynamic tool that dramatically communicates the concepts, tenets and techniques of organizational change. It demonstrates the why, the what and the how of change; and it can be linked to corporate vision, strategy and finance.


Process or equipment changeover reduction is the first step towards improving flexibility to both internal and external customers. Once the changeovers start to improve, it forces the focus on bottleneck issues and process reliability problems. It generates the impetus toward a linear flow approach to doing business. Changeover techniques involve a paradigm shift and require total involvement from all those concerned at all levels in the business process.

Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement is at the core of continuous improvement and organizational change. Much of the current management accounting needs to be revisited, revised and made relevant to the new and dramatically changing objectives for quality, reliability, capability, flexibility, employee empowerment, and sustained financial results.

Pull System Design

The development of a PULL System is a critical part of any manufacturing operation and is essential for the elimination of the last bit of waste. PULL System is also a key link to continuous improvement. Your people must understand it, be able to design it and have the knowledge to utilize the manufacturing process flexibility, reliability and capability improvements. This program is designed to achieve this level of understanding and be the focus and foundation of the operation’s improvement plans.

Problem Solving

The Problem Solving Workshop is an effective way to provide employees with the tools to analyze critical input and undertake communication on ways to improve the day-to-day running of the operation and build in the capability to hold value added, solution oriented meetings throughout your organization. This is critical to employee empowerment, improving communication and making real change happen.

Project Management

The unique project provides interesting opportunities. You can circumvent the usual policies and procedures – if you’re prepared for the challenge. You can access unusual sources – if you know where they are. You can be innovative – if you allow for the risks. This workshop will train you in successful Project Management techniques that go beyond the “usual” methods.

Project Management - Automotive Tier 1

The purpose of this course is to illustrate and communicate to automotive manufacturers and
suppliers the terminology, processes, and techniques for successfully implementing Project Management. This course outlines the benefits of Project Management: how to efficiently manage resources, communicate and exceeding the needs of customers. The contents are intended as guidelines for quality implementation of any business process associated with automotive product design, development, validation and manufacture.


Driving change throughout an organization requires long-term commitment as well as day-to-day application, and supervisors are a critical link in realizing both objectives. Organizations need their supervisors and managers to achieve a high level of understanding of the concepts and issues, and the skills required, to implement change in a continuous improvement environment. This Learning Cycles program covers the principles, processes and tools of continuous improvement, and clearly defines the role of the supervisor and teaches the many hands-on skills and varied practices of the new supervisor.

Packaged Education

In this category, an experienced trainer can purchase the material from our inventory of workshops and can start teaching the material in their company. This material comes with Student / Trainers manuals, video and online support material to enable the instructor to be self-sufficient.


5S is a program for improving the workplace. The original development of 5S came from Toyota Manufacturing as a means of reducing operating costs by eliminating disorganization and waste. Many North American improvement programs have not had good long-term results. Our plants have lacked the organization needed to ensure successful improvement implementation. 5S provides an essential building block for future improvements.

Value Stream Mapping

The visual representation shows where costs can be reduced and improvements can be made. A future state can be designed where wasted steps are left out, and continuous flow and pull production are introduced. This workshop teaches companies how to create a picture of the current state as it actually is and then the future state – “what could be”.

Lean Manufacturing

Time Based Change and Continuous Improvement have become an important part of many companies’ agenda. The problem faced by many of these companies is how to achieve, among the majority of their employees, a full understanding of the concepts, issues and effects of these major initiatives. This Learning Cycles program is designed specifically to create a solid awareness and understanding of these broad, powerful concepts.

Tool Kit

Continuous Improvement Tool Kit – “Mapping, Measuring, Monitoring”

Continuous Improvement has become an important part of many companies’ agenda. But
moving it off the agenda and into daily working environment requires a full understanding of the key concepts of change and the learning of very specific tools for managing change. This Learning Cycles program is designed specifically to provide the tools and focus needed to maximize improvement opportunities. It addresses how to prepare organizational and process maps, how to formulate performance levels: Baseline, Entitlement and Benchmark, and how to establish specific performance measurements. With these tools, the people have the ongoing hands-on capability of managing Continuous Improvement at many levels of the organization.

Total Productive Maintenance

Continuous Improvement cannot be successful without an integrated proactive approach to TPM. It is essential if a manufacturing operation is to achieve equipment availability targets needed for an effective Pull System. Maintenance used to be treated as a second-class citizen – it was like life insurance, but nobody wanted to pay the premiums. Now, with the increasing demand for flexibility, customization, quick-response and unaffordable “safety inventories”, TPM has a much greater responsibility and a crucial contribution to make.

Effective Facilitation

This workshop is designed to help build a powerful internal resource in your organization. It will develop people within your organization to be dynamic facilitators of processes and trainers / coaches for people.

New Product Introduction

This program is designed to be a powerful level and catalyst to help dramatically, but reliably and effectively, cut new product introduction cycle times. Never has the issue of new product introduction been more important. The traditional long cycle times of new product introduction – from research to customer satisfaction – are a major impediment to maintaining, or regaining a competitive advantage. Building a systematic implementation process – the “how to” of new product introduction – has many requirements.

Point Meeting

Positive change and improved output require good input and effective communications from every point in the organization, and Point Meetings are an extremely effective way to achieve this goal. Point Meetings – often called “Flip Chart meetings” – provide front-line employees with the tools to deliver critical input and undertake communication on ways to improve the day-to-day running of the operation. Building in the capability to hold Point Meetings throughout your organization can be critical to employee empowerment, improving communication and making real change happen.

Supply Management

Having the internal environment, which operates at an optimal output level and efficiency, will not be sufficient in the next century. We must reach out to our supply sources and make them the extended arm of our business – crating the ultimate supply chain. This workshop prepares you for managing supplier selection and certification, purchasing negotiations, legal aspects, cost and price analysis and forward planning, purchasing procedures, purchasing ethics, inventory management, global sourcing, and Electronic Data Interchange.

Top Gun

We offer:

  • A 3 day Coordinators’ Program that provides a proven flight plan for success and lets   you  “mix it” with the best of the best!
  • Our TOP GUN Instructors who have “been there” will help you with your learning curve.
  • We will lead you through the rules of engagement in our CTM Simulator for Success.
  • Then we will qualify you as an Agent of Change and a Coordinator with Ace potential.
CTM has been Educating Businesses since the 1980s.

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Optimize Efficiency

Moving from reactive to proactive thinking in the work place. Having the employees understand the importance, scope and techniques involved allowed many clients to move forward at greatly accelerated rates.

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Proven Experience

CTM was incorporated in 1986 and has delivered high quality services to numerous organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Read our clients' success stories.

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Maximize Productivity

Clients have found CTM’s Lean Assessment approach of key employee interviews, financial review, facility visit and a lean manufacturing evaluation to determining lean implementation requirements has been very effective.

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Minimize Costs

CTM focuses on five key issues: identifying waste, cellular production, scheduling, production line processes, and production line support. Our process helps firms eliminate all inefficiencies and thrive.

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The right training is critical for successful lean performance. CTM will make sure your Lean Training works. See all the services that CTM's Lean Framework offers!

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Increase Profits

CTM's Lean Framework sets out clear-cut objectives that can be achieved through an ongoing process of cycle time reduction and continuous improvement. This process has had tremendous results consistently.

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