Minimize Costs

Reduce work in-progress, floor space, and travel distances

Cycle Time Management has helped businesses in many industries reduce costs by lowering work-in-progress up to 90%, floor space up to 50% and travel distances up to 75%. These savings are real and immediate. Our programs have impacted companies across Ontario, as presented in the case studies below.

Keeprite Case Study

Cycle Time Reduction Overview
Reduced Storage Square Foot Usage By0%
Reduced Work in Process By0%
Reduced Raw Material By0%
Reduced Number of Operations of Core Build By0%
Reduced Downtime By 0%
Reduced Press Shop Cycle Time By0%
Reduced Press Shop Die Set Up By0%
Reduced Paint Shop Cycle Time By0%
Reduced Core & Header Cycle Time By0%
Reduced Fork Lift Trucks By0%

Founded in 1948 with a commitment to build the very best air-conditioning products, Keeprite has consistently met the industry challenge of quality and reliability. It is the undisputed industry leader in Canada. The total yearly sales, both domestic and foreign, has grown from $1 million in 1948 to over $200 million today. The Keeprite is more than a record of dramatic productivity improvement. It is also the tale of an extraordinary culture change within the workplace. It describes how employees from all levels learned to work as a team. The Evolution Plan empowered the teams to reduce company cycle time from 22 days to 7 and slashed inventories from $18 million to $3 million within the first 2 years.

The Evolution Plan slashed inventories from $18 million to $3 million within the first 2 years

With CTM’s help, Keeprite realized that to become a world-class organization, they would have to abandon traditional batch processing and move toward linear-flow pull manufacturing. While they would have to initiate the change process and provide constant support themselves, they would need outside facilitation skills to guide the evolution. They also concluded that the fastest way to get the company through such a major “culture shock” was to involve all their people. Consequently, they chose a change process in which they, as well as all their employees, would have to participate and be trained.

they would need outside facilitation skills to guide the evolution, which CTM could provide

We outlined a cycle time reduction sequence that begins with the elimination of nonessential activities and impediments to linear flow in the manufacturing cycle. We showed that as non-essentials are eliminated, buffer inventories can be reduced dramatically. Once involved, they will realize that continuous cycle time reduction

Improves Profits Dramatically

Reduces the Working Capital Cycle

Simplifies Internal Controls

Improves Balance Sheet

Learn more by reading through the entire case study

Lean Helps Eliminate Waste

  • Value Added

  • Non Value Added

  • Legend Three  

Remove all Inefficiencies

  • Defects


    These are dependent on the industry and include any deviations from standard

  • Overproduction


    Preparing extra reports, reports not acted upon, multiple copies in data storage

  • Transportation


    Extra steps in the process, distances travelled longer than necessary

  • Movement


    Extra steps in the production, extra data entry, etc.

  • Waiting


    The process is stagnant and does not flow smoothly so employees waste time waiting on others

  • Overprocessing


    There is unnecessary work being done, or work is not being done optimally

  • Inventory


    Inventories are much larger than necessary, which is an inefficient use of funds

  • Underutilized Resources

    Underutilized Resources

    People doing unchallenging work, people waiting on each other

  • Non-value added

    Non-value added

    Typically 95% of all lead time is non-value added

Many firms experience tremendous cost savings with Lean.

We can demonstrate what it can do for you!

Proven Experience

CTM was incorporated in 1986 and has delivered high quality services to numerous organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Read our clients' success stories.

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Industry Leader

CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Framework) that allows an organization to create an environment and a means for change. Change that permeates the entire company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

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Optimize Efficiency

Moving from reactive to proactive thinking in the work place. Having the employees understand the importance, scope and techniques involved allowed many clients to move forward at greatly accelerated rates.

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Maximize Productivity

Clients have found CTM’s Lean Assessment approach of key employee interviews, financial review, facility visit and a lean manufacturing evaluation to determining lean implementation requirements has been very effective.

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The right training is critical for successful lean performance. CTM will make sure your Lean Training works. See all the services that CTM's Lean Framework offers!

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Increase Profits

CTM's Lean Framework sets out clear-cut objectives that can be achieved through an ongoing process of cycle time reduction and continuous improvement. This process has had tremendous results consistently.

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