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Cycle Time Management (CTM) specializes in helping organizations to streamline their processes using LEAN Management System Methodology developed by Toyota through the Toyota Production System and the Toyota Way 2001.

Over the past 30 years, we have used our LEAN Thinking knowledge and experience assisting organizations implement LEAN with tremendous results. Read our testimonials and case studies to learn more about the impact Cycle Time Management can have on your business.

Our Lean Framework Process

1. Perform a thorough review of your strategic planning

CTM’s LEAN Framework Implementation begins with a thorough understanding of where senior management wants to take your organization over the next 3 to 5 years. CTM reviews your strategic plan and develops crucial breakthrough objectives that will be used to drive the organization forward as you implement LEAN Thinking.

This is an essential step as every organization needs a customized subset of LEAN Thinking to streamline its organizational and operational processes effectively and efficiently. By taking the time to clearly understand your business, your strategy, and your objectives CTM uses a holistic approach across your entire organization to identify your Pathway to Excellence.

A holistic analysis of your business allows our experts to assess the unique subset of LEAN Thinking that is best suited to streamline your unique processes optimally.

Most LEAN educators do not go through this process. Today’s market is saturated with organizations that merely offer workshops on a few of the numerous LEAN tools and concepts, and yet they call themselves LEAN experts. The lack of a LEAN Standard allows such organizations to freely operate in the market without having to meet any requirements or standards. Hiring the wrong LEAN educators might end up impeding an organization from achieving its goals, rather than assisting it. Think about how detrimental it would be if the ISO Quality Standard did not exist, and a customer could never trust the quality of the products they buy.

The lack of a LEAN Standard allows any organization to freely market themselves as LEAN experts without having to meet any requirements or standards. CTM has developed a Lean standard over the years and is sponsoring it as the North American LEAN Standard. The standard is based on the Toyota Management System.

CTM has developed a Lean standard over the years and is sponsoring it as the North American LEAN Standard.

2. Teach LEAN Thinking that best apply to your organization

CTM equips your employees with LEAN Thinking knowledge using applied lean teaching methods while working alongside your employees throughout the organization. Our experts monitor your employees regularly to ensure that they can correctly apply LEAN Thinking to processes that have a direct impact on your bottom line. As we teach, we emphasize the 5 LEAN Principles and the 7 Lean Wastes that have the most significant impact on your business and illustrate how that is. We listen to your employees and answer all their questions. CTM ensures open communication between management and all employees, which is crucial to creating a Continuous Improvement Culture in your organization.

CTM monitors your employees regularly to ensure that they can correctly apply the LEAN methods to projects that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

3. Implement and supervise projects that have a real impact

CTM facilitates your employees’ Lean Thinking by giving them opportunities to come up with improvement projects that are specific to their work processes. Our experts work alongside your employees through each step of the project, using their workplace as a classroom. These projects drive up profits by cutting costs (waste) and increasing productivity (profit). We work alongside your employees to encourage their good ideas, highlight missed opportunities, and supervise them throughout the entire application of these projects.

Our experts work alongside you through each step of the process, using your workplace as a classroom.

Once the first set of projects are successfully implemented, an organization has had its employees learn the LEAN Thinking that is most important to their processes and has successfully implemented them in ways that raised their performance. This experience also develops LEAN leaders within the organization, who are ready to take on the reigns and lead new LEAN projects. The first step towards organizational continuous improvement is now complete.


Lean Belt Certification System. Click here to learn more about this training.

Lean Belt Graduation

Watch a couple of our client’s employees receive certification

Learn more about the Lean Belt Certification

Any manager concerned with increasing customer satisfaction by reducing costs, improving quality, and providing faster delivery must learn to manage by cycle time. From this succinct; highly focused book, you’ll learn what CTM is, how to implement it quickly throughout your organization, and how to manage it. Case studies, over 40 illustrations, and straightforward language make this a book you can use to enlighten your entire work force.

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CTM was incorporated in 1986 and has delivered high quality services to numerous organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Read our clients' success stories.

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Industry Leader

CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Framework) that allows an organization to create an environment and a means for change. Change that permeates the entire company and becomes a new paradigm for growth.

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Moving from reactive to proactive thinking in the work place. Having the employees understand the importance, scope and techniques involved allowed many clients to move forward at greatly accelerated rates.

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CTM focuses on five key issues: identifying waste, cellular production, scheduling, production line processes, and production line support. Our process helps firms eliminate all inefficiencies and thrive.

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CTM's Lean Framework sets out clear-cut objectives that can be achieved through an ongoing process of cycle time reduction and continuous improvement. This process has had tremendous results consistently.

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Clients have found CTM’s Lean Assessment approach of key employee interviews, financial review, facility visit and a lean manufacturing evaluation to determining lean implementation requirements has been very effective.

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