Increase Profits

Cycle Time Management has helped companies increase pretax profits up to 27 fold. In the last three decades it has become clear that the elimination of waste, or non-value added activity, has freed business to increase profit margins drastically. In the case of Mott Manufacturing, once the CTM evolution plan was successfully implemented, the firm experienced extraordinary increases in sales, which in turn generated greater profits.

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Minimize Costs

Cycle Time Management has helped businesses in many industries reduce costs by lowering work-in-progress up to 90%, floor space up to 50% and travel distances up to 75%. These savings are real and immediate. Our programs have impacted companies across Ontario, as presented in the case studies below.

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Maximize Productivity

When Cycle Time Management’s Program Directors come to your company to custom-tailor your Learning Cycles Supervisor program, they will quickly zero in on the key issues. They will determine where you are at, what the barriers are, and then develop the appropriate workshop lessons and approach.

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Optimize Efficiency

Treating people as a value adding asset in the process of business improvement is an essential CTM ingredient for success. It allows the people in the organization to take responsibility for the business process, which generates a continuous improvement mentality and empowers the whole organization to assist in the decision making for future success!

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Proven Experience

One thing you can be sure of. The CTM Program Directors “have been there and they have done it before”. These professionals are true practitioners. They spend the vast majority of their time, and their careers, in the field and on the job, learning and perfecting their craft. For them, it is an ongoing task, and no matter what they develop for the classroom and books, they know it only works when it is put into practice.

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Industry Leader

Cycle Time Management has been educating companies since the 80s. Our people believe in building a lasting process, not delivering a series of programs, and their time and talent is focused on this singular goal. Over the years, we have developed a wealth of training resources to empower each of our clients in developing a continuous improvement culture.

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