Bruce Mulder

Lean Enterprise Trainer


24 years of experience at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

My role at TMMC was to provide the best quality product, with the shortest possible lead time, at the lowest possible cost and in the safest possible way.

Highly skilled in developing visual management FMDS (Floor Management Development Systems)(PDCA - Plan, do, check, act) . This system ensures understanding of KPI targets, the ability identify impacts to these targets, implementing of countermeasures to improve performance and monitoring results of those countermeasures so focus can then be changed to the next impactor to achieve the group and company Hoshin goals.

Multiple Jishukens (Self Learning) at Toyota Manufacturing plants across North America

Management-driven kaizen activity where management members identify areas in need of continuous improvement and spread information through the organization to stimulate kaizen activity.

Very deep knowledge and awareness of productivity, operating rate and operation availability with a keen eye for kaizen opportunities.

2 Major model change pilots which included planning for, training and implementing new processes to successfully launch new models into full production, 1 as a Team Leader and 1 as a Group Leader.

Many TBP activities which led to successful kaizens reducing costs, increasing quality, increasing TM versatility and knowledge as well as improving safety conditions. Developed ``report cards`` to monitor Team Member performance which was yokotened (best practice sharing) plant wide. This data drove activities for quality improvement from the Team Member, Team Leader and Group Leader levels each managing their own impact to overall customer satisfaction.

Over 2500 hours of training at TMMC

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