Dean E. Orlando

Lean Enterprise Trainer


Dean has specific specialized skills in our Lean Manufacturing group, with a focus on business and process re-engineering. Dean is CTM’s leading practitioner in advanced simulation for detailed process analysis for manufacturing, public sector and service systems. He has over twenty years management and engineering experience with General Motors, Ford Motor Company and various training groups. Operational experience includes quality and process engineering, program management and lean manufacturing. Over the past fourteen years Dean has applied his simulation and process analysis expertise in small and large scale Lean Manufacturing and business process re-engineering projects across the U.S. and Canada. He has facilitated and implemented advanced simulation projects and studies for lean processes, project management and quality systems and championed productivity improvement in a wide variety of business sectors including automotive, customer service divisions, call center for insurance, defence, warehouse operations, and process improvement applications.


• Process Re-design Facilitatation
• Program management
• Advanced simulation studies
• Lean manufacturing/enterprise
• Productivity improvements
• Quality/Process engineering
• Operations / engineering • Green field projects
• Plant expansion/capacity planning
• Operations / engineering
• Advanced scheduling projects
• P & L / finance / budgets
• Strategic business plans

Professional Profile

Production / Plant Experience
• Production supervision stamping, forge, engine, glass, car assembly
• Quality and process systems support
• People management – hiring, training, development
• Multi-plant, multi-shift operations – plan, organize and direct daily operations
• Health and safety / WHMIS
• Worked at Ford’s Process Leadership Group for plant support
• Worked also as Simulation Manager for new plant studies & layout configuration
• Ford’s PME & FTPM Co-ordinator

Management Experience

• Director of Engineering for simulation training group
• Process Leadership support manager at Ford
• Manager of simulation operations through 3 engine programs at Ford
• Human resources – hire, train, motivate and develop staff
• Strong communication, leadership and team building skills
• Overseen over 400 successful projects, built simulation training group managing up to 10 engineers and developed training modules in simulation
• Project Management – manage projects, resources, budgets, client relationship and timeline
• Implementation of productivity improvement, lean manufacturing using simulation as a driver within the manufacturing, defence, call center and supply chain sectors
• Simulation and value stream mapping studies for new and updating plant layout as well as strategic capital investment and manufacturing capacity planning
• Detailed process studies for advanced quality and manufacturing systems
• Detailed simulation study for a large corporation’s handling of improving efficiency of their response to customer service.
• Project manager for simulation for detailed process understanding for US Gov’t applications at Hansford Nuclear facility
• Developed training material for lean & process mapping as well problem solving for large corporations

Professional Experience

Project Manager
Deloitte Training
• Process re-engineering and re-design facilitation
• Simulation projects and studies for manufacturing clients
• Project Management – manage quality/process engineering projects
Director of Engineering
Simulation Engineering Services (Livonia, Mi)
• Director of Simulation TrainingGroup for advanced simulation studies and process/quality studies for Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Mercury Marine, Caterpillar, Thyssen Krupp, John Deere and more
Simulation Trainer Group Manager & Engineering Manager
Lanner Group (Detroit office)
• Manager of Simulation Training Group for the Americas developing advanced simulation studies for GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, US Gov’t. Also detailed process studies for advanced business re-engineering.
Lead Simulation Manager
Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, Mi)
• Lead Simulation Manager through 3 Engine Programs
• Process Leadership Group & Management Support.
• PME (Preventive Maintenance Excellence & FTPM Coordinator)
Industrial/Simulation Engineering
• General Motors of Canada (St. Catherines Operations)
• Industrial/Simulation Engineering to support manufacturing operations.
• Process/Quality Engineering to support manufacturing operations.
• Production & Quality Supervision


General Motors Institute – 1984 Graduate in Industrial Engineering.
University of Windsor – 2002 Master’s Degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Continuous Learning

• Advanced Simulation & Scheduling
• Project Management
• Ford’s FTPM Trainer
Lean Master Black Belt Certified.
• Ford Q1
• Statistical Process Control
• ISO 9001

Publications, Awards, & Technical Presentations

• Ford Customer Driven Quality Award 97,98
• Southeast Simulation Conference 97
• SME Simulation Conference: Spring 98
• Computer Technology Solutions: Sept 98 & 99
• Winter Simulation Conference 98
• Winter Simulation Conference, Session Chairperson 99
• Henry Ford Technology Award Nominee 2001

Information Technology

• Simulation software Witness, Arena, ProModel, Simul8, & AutoMod
• Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP, NT, HTML
• ERP/MRP Systems, Advanced Scheduling Software, Artificial Intelligence
• MS Office Suite – Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio, Microsoft Project

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